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SOURCE: Olowa's Palace


This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. I don’t know how to begin, but I must first express my appreciation to everyone who had made this installation possible. I must confess, I am elated by the crowd of people here today.

I want to begin by appreciating the Almighty God, the maker of Heavens and the Earth, the God that has made this day possible and have proved himself in my life at different times. To my parents who are alive today by the Grace of God, and are privileged to witness the emergence and ascension of one of their offspring ascending the throne of our forefathers. The Ogidi Ruling House, who nominated me to vie for the stool, I want to say thank you all. I have a story, but I will not bore you with that today. I am a child of destiny.

To all the Omowas, who also contested for the stool, I commend your spirit of sportsmanship, and your acceptance of the selection process and result. Let me say this, “no victory no vanquish,” we are all in it together for the development of our town, and I will always count on your supports.

I want to also appreciate the other Ruling Houses, the Oberubese and the Aruogbon Ruling Houses for their cooperation in the process of the selection phases, and for ensuring the transparency of the process.

The Iwarefas, the kingmakers and the council of Chiefs, who have been directing the affairs of the town with fear of God, and maintain the reign of peace and tranquility since the demise of my predecessor, late Oba Adepoju. I sincerely appreciate you all.

My sincere appreciation also goes to the Ondo State Government for approving the choice of my candidacy as wanted by the good people of Igbara-Oke kingdom. It is in my tradition to always appreciate this good gesture which provides support needed for the continued growth of our town.

My good people of Igbara-Oke kingdom, I welcome you all. I am most grateful to God Almighty for keeping us alive to witness this day, a day ordained by God, a day that will forever be remembered in the history of our town. This is because we are celebrating the emergence of “Dawn of a New Era.” I am not surprise with the crowd of people here today, particularly seeing you around me, it gives me joy. I thank you for trooping out in your large numbers to witness my Installation as the 13th Olowa of Igbara-Oke kingdom, despite the short notice. Your presence has shown that you indeed wanted and supported my ascension to the throne of my forefathers. The Lord will honour you.

I want to also, express my gratitude to the executives and members of Igbara-Oke Development Council, IDC. I use them as a point of contact to all Clubs, Associations and Societies of Igbara-Oke descendants both at home and abroad. I am so proud to be associated with you in all your efforts at championing the infrastructural development of our land. You and I have seen their efforts in the construction of our proposed higher institute of learning, among other works being carried out by them, which are focused on human and capacity development of our town.

Before I move on, I want us all to have a minute silence in honour of my predecessor, Late Oba Venerable John Adebimpe Adepoju JP, who had gone to join his ancestors…, may his soul continue to rest in peace, (Amen).

The journey started two days ago, when my name was announced by the Iwarefas and the kingmakers as the 13th Olowa of Igbara-Oke Kingdom. I saw the excitements and joy that has no bounds on the face of everyone, both the indigene and non-indigene residents of our town, and this is not easy to come by, as my ascension was designed by God to usher in a dawn of a new era for all Ugbarans, both at home and in the diaspora.

Igbara-Oke O! “Omo Eleye ise Weye Weye.” We are always on top, as our town is strategically located on the upland, I salute your courage once again on this memorable occasion, and I am proud to have you around me and to be associated with you. My vision is to reposition Igbara-Oke kingdom strategically to bring about development and transformation of our good people by empowering them politically, socially, economically, culturally and intellectually.

Igbara-Oke had for long been in topmost position in Ifedore Local Government Area and Ondo State, and this position has to be sustained. In maintaining this status quo, it requires the contributions of all and sundry. This, I cannot do alone, because, one thing I know is that, “there is no me without you.” Our fathers would say “Agbajowo la fi n soya, ajoji owo ko gberu dori.” Your maximum support with me will no doubt propel me to forge ahead in the realization of our dream for a united and progressive Igbara-Oke.

Despite the richness of our history and various achievements of our sons and daughters in the course of their different endeavours all across the globe, Igbara-Oke has still not taken its rightful position. This often saddens my heart when I see the arrays of potentials that are yet untapped. There is need for us to come together to address this issue and fashion out ways to build political, economic, social and intellectual gladiators.

With our desire to transform Igbara-Oke kingdom; collectively, we must be ready to sacrifice and leave no stone unturned in our drive to put Igbara-Oke on the global map.

Igbara-Oke will be great again. I have seen a huge possibility that our town will in no distant time experience tremendous growth through industrialization and infrastructural development. This is attributed to her viability and uniqueness in Southwestern Nigeria, as she borders two states, Ekiti and Osun, an entry point into Ondo State from either Ekiti or Osun State.

I want to enjoin the Chiefs to continue to put in their best in the service of our land, the Baales in their respective satellite towns to continue to help build on the existing peaceful communities, coupled with the Oloriomo’s efforts in sustaining unity and progress in their individual quarters; the good people of the town to engage in productive enterprises; the youths pursuing their academic career and daily activities vigorously and not criminally minded, all the aforementioned are indeed good roadmap to success and progress of our beloved Igbara-Oke.

I beseech us to relate as brothers, and be our brothers’ keepers. This is in the interest of peace, let us embrace dialogue. Let us bring every matter before the elders of the town to help resolve them, rather than creating enemies among ourselves. We need bridges, not fences. With peace, love and harmony, we will be able to rise to the task of taking our country home to an enviable height, and we will be able to leverage on this status at attracting potential investors.

I would want parents to work towards giving their children quality education, for this helps in no small measure in building a virile community that can compete favourably with other neighbouring communities. They should instill good morals into their children for them to detest hooliganism and other social vices.

In doing all these, let us not forget to seek God’s face, because with God, all things are possible. I therefore enjoin both Christians and Muslims to continue to intercede for our land in prayers, and all the traditionalists to continue to work for the progress of our land.

This may sound somehow to some people, but I will say it. Igbara-Oke has always been a partner in progress in supporting good governance, and administrations that value humanity. It is to this, that I would want to encourage our people to participate in politics. They should engage in the business of politics, not that of bitterness or character assassination, but of developmental and progressive ideology. This will in no small measure help us in diverse areas, both in human and infrastructural development.

We need good roads, modern schools and market, government institutions, employment for our teaming youths, loans for our farmers, artisans and traders, and so on. We cannot have all these done, if we have no representative at the helms of affairs in government. For the record, the Olowa of Igbara-Oke Chieftaincy is one of the 54 recognised Obas in Yoruba land that wears beaded crown, as prescribed by the Ooni of Ife in which it was documented in the 1902 Federal Republic of Nigeria Gazette.

I am highly honoured to have been chosen to fill the stool that great men once occupied; the first Olowa of Igbara-Oke, Oba Adeyiba to Oba Adepoju. They were great fathers, however, their reigns have been highly significant and they played prominent role in rural development, social and economic integration.

As I said, I am a child of destiny. My coming to the throne is ordained by God, and today as a man pledging my unwavering commitment to Igbara-Oke and her good people.

I will not end my speech without expressing my profound gratitude to our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko CON, and his entire team for the good legacies they are leaving behind.

Long Live Igbara-Oke
Long Live Ondo State
Long Live Nigeria

Thank you and God Bless

His Royal Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Francis Adefarakanmi Agbede, FCIM, MBCIM
Ilufemiloye, Ogidi III
Paramount Ruler and Prescribed Authority
Olowa of Igbara-Oke kingdom.